Lash Bar

Nova Classic at 2999

NovaLash's Classic lash extensions offer the allure of mascara-free beauty, enhancing your lashes with added length and subtle fullness, achieved by meticulously applying an eyelash extension to each natural lash.

Nova Minx at 3999

Elevate your lashes to the next level with Nova Minx, a luxurious line of extensions replicating the beauty of real mink fur for a signature NovaLash look.

Nova American Volume at 5999

Experience the beauty of voluminous lashes with Nova American Volume extensions, featuring a blend of varying lengths and textures, enhanced by the smaller diameter that enables multiple extensions to grace a single natural lash.

Lash Removal at 999

Gently and professionally remove lash extensions with our Lash Removal service, ensuring a safe and comfortable process.

Lash Lifting at 2999

Elevate your natural lashes with our Lash Lifting service, enhancing their curl and giving your eyes a wide-awake, refreshed appearance.

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