Underarms at 299

Experience smooth and hair-free underarms with our Waxing service, ensuring a clean and long-lasting result.

Upper Lips at 199

Refine your beauty with precision through our Upper Lip service, ensuring a perfectly groomed and smooth upper lip area.

Eyebrows at 199

We offer Eyebrow services tailored to your unique style and preferences to make your eyes stand out.

Chin/Jawline at 199

Define your facial contours with our Chin and Jawline services, delivering a polished and sculpted appearance.

Forehead/Sidelock/Neck at 299

Elevate your overall look with our Forehead, Sidelock, and Neck services, ensuring a flawless finish to your appearance.

Full Face at 799

Transform your entire visage with our Full Face service, delivering a complete and radiant makeover

Full Arms at 699

Experience the ultimate in smoothness with our Full Arms waxing service, ensuring silky, hair-free skin from shoulder to wrist.

Full Legs at 799

Embrace the feeling of absolute smoothness with our Full Legs waxing service, leaving your legs impeccably soft.

Half Arms at 499

Show off your beautifully smooth half arms with our expert waxing service for a flawless and hair-free appearance.

Half Legs at 699

Get ready to flaunt stunningly smooth half legs with our precision waxing service, ensuring velvety skin.

Stomach at 699

Attain a sleek and hair-free stomach with our waxing service, giving you confidence and a smooth appearance.

Full Front/Full Back at 699

Transform your entire front and back with our Full Front and Full Back waxing services, leaving you impeccably smooth and hair-free.

Half Front/Half Back at 499

Experience the perfect balance of smoothness with our half-front and half-back waxing services, ensuring a polished appearance.

Buttocks at 599

Enhance your confidence with our Buttocks waxing service, leaving you with irresistibly smooth and hair-free skin.

V-Wax at 1999

Experience the confidence-boosting V-wax, a specialized service for a clean, precise, and flattering bikini line.

Full Body Wax at 3499

Indulge in the ultimate smoothness with our Full Body Waxing service, leaving you feeling flawlessly hair-free from head to toe.


Upper Lips at 99

Refine your facial beauty with our Upper Lip Threading service, delivering precise and impeccably groomed results.

Eyebrows at 99

Enhance your natural beauty and frame your eyes with our expert Eyebrow services, tailored to perfection.

Chin at 99

Define your facial profile with our Chin grooming service, ensuring a polished and elegant appearance.

Forehead at 99

Elevate your overall look with our Forehead grooming service, adding a touch of sophistication and finesse.

Full Face at 499

Experience the artistry of Full Face Threading, where precision meets beauty, leaving you with a perfectly groomed and radiant complexion.

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